Adding Athletes Simplified

July 2012

Changes to Add Athlete Box – The following changes are made to the Add Athlete box to help save time when adding new athletes to the system:
The Athlete email field is no longer required when adding a new athlete to the system.
The current season is used as the default Starting Season.

Updating Strength Cards – When updating strength cards for the current day, the check box that preserves any current day results is changed.

It previously read: Preserve previous lift results.

It now reads: Preserve workout sessions with results.

Navigating to Different Strength Card Weeks – You can now quickly navigate to strength cards from different weeks directly from the Strength Card view. Click the calendar icon () and select the week you wish to view.

New 1RM Comparison Report – A new report is available that compares 1RM values for a group of athletes (Position or Category) and up to four individual athletes for a user-specified time frame.

The report includes a chart and a detailed list the 1RM values for each week of the specified time frame. The shaded area in the chart represents the average of the Group, and each athlete is represented by a uniquely colored line.

In the list of weeks, any 1RM value change is indicated by listing the new value. If an athlete’s 1RM value hasn’t changed from the previous week, “–” is printed.

The percentage of change over the specified time frame is listed at the bottom of the report.

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