New Reports and Report Controls

July 2012

New Reports – The following reports can now be generated from the Reports section:
Average Velocity
Peak Velocity
Average Power
Peak Power

Body Weight
Performance Tests (a comparison report for a selected time period and Performance Exercise)

New Report Controls – The 1RM Comparison report controls are updated with a cleaner interface. Comparison Group is renamed to Group(s) and enables you to not only specify Positions and Categories but also Classifications, all from a single selection menu.



Additionally, the Athlete Session Summary, Best Velocity and Lowest Velocity reports are updated to include either Peak Velocity/Power or Average Velocity/Power.

Team Icons – When creating teams you can now specify the icon that best represents your team. This icon is displayed when athletes log in to PowerTracker.

New Rest Timer – A new timer is displayed above an athlete’s image, indicating the amount of time they have rested between sets. The timer begins when the athlete touches END SET and continues to count up until the athlete touches START SET.

When the timer reaches the midpoint of a prescribed rest, the timer begins blinking as a notification for the athlete. When the timer reaches 80% of the prescribed rest, the timer blinks faster. If the prescribed rest time is exceeded, the timer changes to a green background.

Prescribed Weight Displayed – The live lifting screen is updated to include the weight prescribed by the coach alongside the Set number.

Adding Exercises – The Before First Exercise option is renamed to (move to beginning) on the Add An Exercise screen.



Shutdown Button Added – The new SHUTDOWN MACHINE button is added to the home screen so you can more easily shut down the PowerTracker unit. You no longer need to shut down the unit from the Power button on the machine.

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