Chris Bach

University of Nebraska Lincoln, NAPL


Chris Bach, University of Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab

1:00 NAPL, the in-house sport science lab

2:10 Qualisys motion capture system

5:45 Having array of tools, being able to apply appropriate resource for the situation

9:45 What is a Sport Scientist & Applied Sport Science on a day to day basis

17:25 Base stealing – Profiling the acceleration phase with 1080 Sprint

19:30 Chidi Enyia

29:00 Bucketing athletes into groups to inform specific training

32:20 Collecting video is critical

38:00 Athletes are not lab rats

41:00 Malort moment, ‘it can’t get any worse’

43:25 Vitor Profeta

43:50 UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

47:00 Snippit Sports Science Podcast with Chris Gaviglio

49:00 Craig Pickering & John Kiely – the ‘omics’ & personalized sports training

56:45 How personal sporting experience puts context to current research & workouts

1:00:10 EF Podcast with Luke Bradford

1:02:30 Being rumble strips for athletes & the team

1:06:00 Firstbeat

Music: DFA1979 ‘If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It’



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