Live Episode! Clint Martin, UT Longhorns Olympic Strength

Clint Martin

University of Texas - Austin

Clint Martin, Assistant Coach for Athletic Performance, University of Texas Austin.


Skip & Clint had a super interesting conversation about the many events happening in Austin & around the world. Some topics covered:

  • Bringing athletes back to campus
  • Training options to keep social distance
  • Coaching styles for different athletes
  • Having meaningful conversations about the recent social unrest
  • Talking with other staffs around the country
  • Whatever lane you fill, jump into it and keep moving
  • Staying fit while working with athletes
  • Technology in the weight room
  • Evolution of Sports Science & gathering data for training

Recorded June 12, 2020 on Instagram Live

Music: Death From Above 1979 ‘If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It’


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