Corey Meredith

Kansas State University Football

3:00 Transition to a new Football coaching staff

10:15 How the environment in the weight room resets every year

12:30 Taking input from sport coaches & and student athletes

18:15 If you’re skipping reps in the weight room, you’re probably gonna take some shortcuts on the field

20:00 Having open dialogue with position coaches & players

28:20 Starting out at a small school, to the NFL, to FBS

35:45 Taking a walk with Mike Barweis

38:50 Staying in touch with guys after they’re done playing

45:05 Healthy ego vs big ego

52:00 Malort moments

54:30 Finishing the season in the weight room

1:03:05 Santi Murtaugh

1:03:45 Salaries & having a passion for what you’re doing

Music: DFA1976 – ‘If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It’


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