Enhanced Strength Card Creation

July 2012

Generating Strength Cards – Taking your Workouts from design to strength card is now a lot easier. You can easily move back-and-forth between Workout and Strength Card views. From the new Strength Cards view you can see who’s been assigned to the workout, as well as add any athletes you need to assign to that workout.

You can also view an athlete’s strength card and the results of completed workout sessions.

For more information on strength cards, refer to the Strength Cards help topic.


Strength Card Printing – The Print box is updated to help you print strength cards with more flexibility than ever before. After Athletes are selected, the Print box enables you to print cards for an entire week or a specific day. Either way, you are in control.


Viewing Strength Cards – You can now quickly access your team’s strength cards from a single page. From the Strength Cards page, you are presented with the current week’s strength cards for each athlete. When you place the cursor over a strength card, a pop-up gives you the ability to make a strength card current, delete a card or session, view results of a completed workout, and view the strength card.

Access to Athlete Info – When you place the cursor over an athlete’s name, a pop-up gives you quick access to the athlete’s historical 1 RM and Performance information. Click what you want to see and it’s displayed.

Adding Exercises and Rep Info from the Workout Editor – Exercises and Rep Info can be added directly from the Workout Editor by clicking , saving you time when you’re in the midst of designing a Workout. However, they can still be added to the system from the Exercises and Rep Info System Editors.

Adding Multiple Athletes – Adding multiple athletes is made easier by the addition of the SAVE & ADD ANOTHER button to the Add Athlete box. After you have entered a new Athlete, click SAVE & ADD ANOTHER to immediately begin entering information for the next Athlete. Otherwise, click SAVE & CLOSE when adding a single Athlete.

New Location of System Editors – To provide you as much workspace as possible, the System Editors (Exercises, Rep Info, Positions, etc.) are now accessible from a drop-down menu near the top of StrengthPlanner. The footer section, where they were previously located, is removed from StrengthPlanner.

User Help Now Available – General StrengthPlanner Help is now available from the Help menu near the top of StrengthPlanner.

Video-Only Lift Type – The “Video Only” lift type is added. When this type is specified, only video is recorded. Reps are not tracked.

Improved Velocity Data – We have improved PowerTracker’s ability to accurately capture and display velocity and power data.

Improved Tracking – We have improved the accuracy in tracking and velocity measurements across all exercises, including specific improvements to Hi-Pull and Jump Squat.

New Restart Machine Button – The Restart Machine button is added to the Tracker Launcher, making it easier to restart the system in the unlikely event a reboot is required.

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