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Velocity Based Training Resources

We’ve brought together a selection of blogs, articles, and papers from leaders in the sports performance field. Click a link to find more information on velocity based training, force-velocity profiling, power production, eccentric training, and more. Then use the integrated platform to implement with your own programming.

VBT Resource Library

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VBT Resource Library

Velocity-Based Training: From Theory to Application

Strength and Conditioning

VBT + APRE Part 2 // Mike Bewley


Effects of Four Different Velocity-Based Training Programming Models on Strength Gains and Physical Performance

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

The Importance of Lower Body Strength & Power For Future Success in Professional Men's Basketball

Sportske Mauke | Zdravlje

Guidelines and Resources for Prescribing Load Using Velocity-Based Training


A High School Strength and Conditioning Manual

Triphasic Training

Episode #264 with Bryan Mann

Pacey Performance Podcast