Eccentric Tracking and TUT Timer Modules

Integrated users will have the option to program eccentric and isometric training principles into their EF workouts. Athletes will follow an on-screen countdown timer, creating an extra level of accountability in all three phases of the lift. Coaching staff can use the EliteForm system to regulate tempos so they can focus more on coaching athletes during the lift.

While athletes keep pace with the timer, the Integrated system will also collect Power, Work, and time-under-tension data for the eccentric portion of the rep. These can be viewed in the Daily Exercise reports in StrengthPlanner. As always, we’ll gather feedback from our coaches to expand and improve these TUT reports over time.


Enabling TUT in StrengthPlanner

  1. On your team page, go to Team Setup > Exercises.
  2. Create or select an exercise for TUT, then set the Relative Comparison to Time Under Tension.
  3. Return to the Main Menu, open the Workout designer.
  4. Input the TUT-enabled Exercise, then click the Advanced Set Editor (Pencil Icon).
  5. Choose desired Eccentric and Isometric Counts. Click Save.
  6. Publish Strength Cards. The Time Under Tension counter will be ready for your next scheduled lift.

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