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We’ve brought together a selection of blogs, articles, and papers from leaders in the Sports Performance field. Click a link to find more information on Velocity Based Training, Force-Velocity Profiling, Power Production, Eccentric training, and more. Then use the Integrated platform to implement with your own programming.

Effects of Four Different Velocity-Based Training Programming Models on Strength Gains and Physical Performance

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

Riscart-López, Javier; Rendeiro-Pinho, Gonçalo; Mil-Homens, Pedro; Soares-daCosta, Rodrigo; Loturco, Irineu; Pareja-Blanco, Fernando; León-Prados, Juan A

December 2020



Mike Bewley, Plae

November 2020

The Importance of Lower Body Strength & Power for Future Success in Professional Men’s Basketball

Sportske Mauke I Zdravlje (Sports Science & Health)

Dimitrije Banarkapa, Andrew C Fry, Michael T Lane, Andrea Hudy, Patricia R Dietz, Glen J Cain, Matthew Andre

February 2020

Velocity-Based Training: From Theory to Application

Strength & Conditioning Journal

Jonathon Weakley, PhD; Bryan Mann, PhD, Harry Banyard, PhD; 

Shaun McLaren, PhD; Tannath Scott, PhD; Amador Garcia-Ramos, PhD

May 2020

Guidelines and Resources for Prescribing Load using Velocity Based Training

IUSCA (Pre-publication: Community Review)

Dr Joseph Moore & Dr Harry Dorrell

May 2020

Pacey Performance Podcast #264 – Bryan Mann

Pacey Performance Podcast

Rob Pacey, Bryan Mann

October 2019

Triphasic Training

A High School Strength and Conditioning Manual

Cal Dietz, Matt van Dyke

Presented by Sorinex Exercise Equipment

October 2019

Snippit Sports Science Podcast

Episode #21: Velocity Based Training

September 2018

Velocity Based Training for Maximal Strength

Strength of Science

Tom Turner

March 2017

Velocity Based Training

Science for Sport

Owen Walker

August 2017

Olympic Lifts: The Importance of Peak Velocity and Recommended Guidelines


Bryan Mann

November 2017

Force-Velocity Profiling

Science for Sport

By: Ian Dobbs

December 2017

Movement Velocity as a Measure of Exercise Intensity in Three Lower Limb Exercises


Filipe Conceicao, Juvenal Fernandes, Martin Lewis, Juan Jose Gonzalez Badillo

September 2015

Velocity-Based Training in Football

Strength & Conditioning Journal

B. Mann, P. Ivey, & S. Sayers

December 2015

Speed vs Speed-Strength


Bryan Mann

December 2013


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