Volume 46 – December 2018

Volume 46 - December 2018

Happy Holidays and hope you all had a great 2018!

The entire EliteForm team is honored to be part of a growing number of programs as we continue expanding into new facilities and building impactful relationships with sports performance professionals around the world. As we move into 2019, we are growing the PowerTracker Integrated system to capture the eccentric portion of a lift with the goal of providing greater context and data through every phase of training.

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Our friends Chris Gaviglio and Jared Coleman-Stark are hosts of a great podcast that digs into topics of applied sports science. Topics range from blood flow restriction to caffeine to velocity-based training, and they pack it into short, informative discussions. Most enjoyable is how they explain both the research itself and its application in the weight room.

Subscribe on your favorite podcast player or visit their website, https://snippitscience.wordpress.com.


We’ve recently updated our All Sets & Reps Export Report. An assigned coach will receive an Excel file from EliteForm in their email. This spreadsheet shows results from all sets & reps completed by their team the previous day.

To make the data within this export simple to read and parse for specific information, we’ve reorganized the excel report and added the definitions below

All Reps

All Sets

If you or your staff are not receiving these emails and would like to, contact support@eliteform.com to get set up.


University of Michigan

Golf Club St. Leon-Rot (Germany)

Kansas State Basketball

University of Washington

Univ. of Southern Indiana Human Performance Lab

Central Missouri Univ Dept of Kinesiology

Gardner Edgerton High School

Decatur Central High School

Apex Palmetto Orthopedic Center


Celtic Warrior Workouts Visits Notre Dame Football S&C

Indiana Football – Speedy Delivery

Power Athlete HQ Podcast: Kansas University’s Andrea Hudy

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Wellness Questionnaire

Wellness Questionnaire

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Wellness Questionnaire

StrengthPlanner Free

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Wellness Questionnaire

Data Points Report

As velocity-based training has evolved, so have the details coaches value in training athletes. At EliteForm, it’s our goal to help you...

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