Volume 49 – August 2020

Volume 49 - August 2020

Let’s be frank.  You’re sick of the current state of affairs and so are we.
We’re not stopping.  You’re not stopping.
Let’s Bang.

Follow the Leader – Doctor Pat Ivey

With the pandemic causing everyone to host webinars and podcasts, we paused to consider, “who’s someone in the arena that we want to support?”  First name on our draft board was Pat Ivey.  Lucky for us, he agreed to team up.

From his book The Table, to his podcasts – Beyond Sets and Reps and the Research2Reps Roundtable – quality is always at hand.

“Coach Ivey is currently the Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Health & Performance at the University of Lousiville.  For over 20 years, he has been a leader & mentor in the Strength & Conditioning community. By supporting Coach Ivey, our goal is to elevate his voice and platform even further.”

EF Data Points Report and TIME TO PEAK Metric

One change and one improvement.

Our two reports, “AllReps” and “AllSets” have been merged into a single report titled, “EF Data Points”.  This Excel report will have 1 tab showing the data on a per set level of detail, while a second tab will show the data on a rep by rep basis.

The EF Data Points report will also tease out “Time to Peak” as a specified measure.

“Time To Peak” correlates with the velocity curve of a rep which you can view in your StrengthPlanner account.

Additions to the EF Family

Alabama Football

Alabama Basketball


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