Willie Jones

University of Illinois Football

Willie Jones, Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach, Illinois Football



1:15 Willie’s mixtapes

3:15 Wives are a godsend

4:30 Working at the Univ of Illinois

7:45 Roles within the strength staff

8:30 Interacting with players daily

10:20 Becoming a Strength Coach

13:45 Nate MoeChris DoyleJames Dobson

21:00 Malort moment

25:35 Willie’s R&D with EF

35:55 What’s next in sports tech?

37:00 Brad Schmidt podcast

39:05 Max Velocity Training, Catapult

40:15 John Ferranto

4630 CNN Video with Coy Wire

43:50 Progressing the profession & doing right by the Athletes

45:30 Coach Z Keeping Student-Athletes best interest in mind

47:30 ‘There’s a standard that needs to be met… before they like me.’

51:00 Memories of combat drills (Niko)

53:00 Helping players reach their next goal

Music: DFA1979 ‘If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It’


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