The flag ship toolset that puts 3D cameras on weight racks across the globe.

Combining our StrengthPlanner database and PowerTracker hardware at the rack, EliteForm Integrated is the single toolset that addresses the full lifecycle of performance training. From workout creation to player execution and finishing with data analysis, Integrated is the one solution putting end-to-end tools in your hands.



The Original 3D Camera Technology for the Weight Room

Patented in 2012, EliteForm was the first to create tracking algorithms allowing cameras to ‘see’ athletes expressing strength and power by how they move a bar. Validated in multiple studies, the EliteForm PowerTracker allows athletes to get their work done unencumbered by string or straps while providing the real-time feedback needed to get the most out of velocity-based training programs and protocols.

EliteForm Has Your Back

We work with amazing coaches and trainers daily, and we know everyone has their own goals. That’s why we’re here to support you. We are committed to working closely with our clients to provide science-backed tracking, unmatched support, and relevant resources. Let’s meet your goals together!

The Science of VBT

Science in Training

When it comes to Velocity Based Training & developing explosive power, EliteForm’s Integrated system is an essential tool for every elite weight room. Athletes receive real-time feedback during workouts to add competition and buy-in for every rep. Coaches apply objective data for every barbell rep to achieve peak performance from every workout.


Innovative 3D camera for precise tracking and valuable feedback.