EliteForm TeamSync

Budget Friendly Velocity Based Training

  • Install VBT into your weight-room for under $10K

EliteForm units are featured in Alabama Football, UCONN Basketball, University of Texas, and many other high-profile weight rooms in the world. But powerful and precise velocity-based training shouldn’t be limited to Power 5 Universities and unlimited budgets. Introducing EliteForm TeamSync, an affordable VBT solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, making VBT training accessible to all, without breaking the budget.

Interested in a low-cost VBT solution for your team?

Rob Stiner,

Georgia Southern Football Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Having access to any version of EliteForm is an absolute game changer for any program. The ability to prescribe training with pinpoint accuracy with immediate feedback for both coaches and athletes is priceless”

Matt Wendelberger, 

Northwest Missouri State University

“EliteForm means a lot to our staff. It helps us track data on what we need from our selected group of athletes that we have working with the app. Our athletes love the instant feedback that this technology gives them”