John Hart & Bryan Neese

Brownsburg High School (Brownsburg, Indiana)

Head Football Coach & Director of Strength Training John Hart and Head Strength Coach Bryan Neese, Brownsburg High School, Brownsburg Indiana

2:30 Indiana HS Cluster system – Skip’s still bent up about it 

4:05 Hart & Bryan’s roles at Brownsburg 

5:55 550+ students through the weight room during the school day 

6:30 Changing the culture is a commitment by the entire school 

7:35 First steps for building a HS culture – a transformational weight room 

10:55 It’s more than just putting in data 

13:35 Casey Popenfoose chooses the music 

16:25 Getting high school population to find training important 

18:45 Rolling Meadows HS, Doug Millsaps 

20:35 Bryan Neese getting into Bodybuilding, Highland Games, & World’s Strongest Man 

22:3Breaking Bricks with Jason Quellhorst 

23:50 1999 US World’s Strongest Man  

24:00 Odde Haugen 

24:30 Martins Licis 

24:50 Strongman Events then & now 

29:20 Chad Coy 

30:30 Training for Strongman 

33:20 Mastiff Strength Equipment  

35:35 Hugo Girard 

36:40 1999 Malta 

38:10 Teaching while competing 

43:15 One focus, getting you stronger 

45:50 Disney 

49:30 Brownsburg school system 

51:1Mike Richardson PowerLift 

55:55 David Ballou  

57:55 Learning to use EF 

1:01:00 ‘Boards’ explained 

1:06:30 API 

1:07:3Chris Doyle, Iowa 

1:09:10 Maintaining workload throughout the season  

Music: DFA1979 ‘If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It’


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