LaDonna Reed, NSCA

LaDonna Reed, NSCA

LaDonna Reed Exhibit & Conference Manager - NSCA   LaDonna Reed, Exhibit & Conference Manager – NSCA1:25 Celebrating birthdays3:30 Competing with US Track & Field; Getting faster & wiser as we age5:00 Ending 2019 Season ranked #1 in Javelin7:10...
LaDonna Reed, NSCA

Chris Bach, NAPL

Chris Bach University of Nebraska Lincoln, NAPL   Chris Bach, University of Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab 1:00 NAPL, the in-house sport science lab 2:10 Qualisys motion capture system 5:45 Having array of tools, being able to apply appropriate resource for...
LaDonna Reed, NSCA

Jay Thomas, Factor & Champ-sys

Jay Thomas Factor Bikes & Champion System factorbikes.comchamp-sys.com4:30 Leadboat Challenge8:45 Team Over-analysis (Mark Savery) & prepping for a race at altitude15:00 Factor Bikes & Champion Systems16:20 Israel Cycling Academy & Team Parkhotel...
LaDonna Reed, NSCA

Luke Bradford, University of Kansas

Luke Bradford University of Kansas, Olympic @coachbrad4d 5:30 Having something to prepare for physically 7:20 Zach Zillner – you’re working out or training 11:25 Update on Luke’s Role at KU 15:10 It takes an entire staff to get all the work done well 18:50 Sparta...
LaDonna Reed, NSCA

Corey Meredith, Kansas State Football

Corey Meredith Kansas State University Football 3:00 Transition to a new Football coaching staff 10:15 How the environment in the weight room resets every year 12:30 Taking input from sport coaches & and student athletes 18:15 If you’re skipping reps in the...
LaDonna Reed, NSCA

Brad Schmidt, Creighton University

Brad Schmidt, Creighton Univeristy The EliteForm Podcast @BlueJayBrad 2:30 – Using Firstbeat to monitor training, avoiding getting buried in the data 4:02 – Shout out Donnie Maib & Nate Moe 8:55 – Using Data to categorize drill intensities & get buy in...




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