SaJason Finley, Washington State

SaJason Finley, Washington State University Football, High-Performance Coach



  • The new addition
  • AAPCA – African American Performance Coaches Association
  • Trumain Carroll, Kansas State Football
  • Elevating others around us
  • Dr. Pat Ivey, Louisville
  • Getting into the Strength & Conditioning Field
  • Getting a variety of experiences in coaching
  • SaJason’s Coaching Journey
  • Playing with the Rattlers, being intentional with training
  • Surprises when moving from player to coach
  • Grow where you’re at
  • Tech doesn’t tell you everything
  • Being Intentional, understanding your Athletes
  • Starting at WSU right before Covid lockdown
  • Playing offense vs defense during EF meetings
  • Adding features based on our coaches
  • Competition mode starting fights 🙂
  • The AAPCA Facebook page

Recorded on Instagram Live March 19th, 2021


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