Scott Caulfield

Colorado College

Scott Caulfield, Director of Strength and Conditioning at Colorado College


Show notes:

  • The Dog-friendly weight room
  • Transitioning from NSCA role to Colorado College
  • Being back in the trenches, @rmckeefery
  • Managing expectations and working with all teams
  • Health & Wellness – preventive vs rehabilitation
  • Strength & Conditioning as a profession
  • Building relationships with the Admin
  • Non-coaching related Podcasts
  • Skiing & backcountry Skiing
  • Dr. Jacked, thanks to @penandpaperstrengthapp
  • Mountain biking
  • Work/life priorities – grinding as a young coach & taking the right opportunities for what you want to pursue
  • The ‘Mega-Spring’
  • Future of the NSCA, Strength & Conditioning

Recorded on Instagram Live on February 19th, 2021

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