Kristen Arnold

Source Endurance, Butcher Box Cycling


Kristen Arnold, Coach at Source Endurance, Certified Dietitian, & Butcher Box Pro Cyclist.


Show Notes:

  • FKT (Fastest Known Times)
  • The Kokopelli Trail (140-mile mountain bike trail)
  • Why do this event?
  • Planning & pacing the race
  • Rebecca Rush
  • The views & the playlists
  • The end of the race
  • Hot Tomato Pizza
  • Doing the trail again?
  • Race Day Fueling plans
  • Riding a single-speed & learning to shift
  • Setting FKT results
  • Dietitians & Nutrition
  • Plans for the 2021 Season with @butcherboxracing


Music: Death From Above 1979, ‘If We Don’t Make It We’ll Fake It’

Recorded Oct 30th, 2020 on Instagram Live


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